19 children and two teachers. Shot dead yesterday at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. While victims from the supermarket shooting in Buffalo are still being buried.

There are common sense steps that we could take, right now, to help stop this senseless, constant, unacceptable violence. Steps in our communities and with our policies. 

Background checks. Knowing the warning signs of someone at risk and having safeguards for intervention. Secure storage. Disarming domestic abusers. Proven violence prevention programs. 

While the tragic events in Texas were unfolding, Moms Demand Action sent word that I earned a 2022 Gun Sense Candidate distinction. It’s awarded to candidates from all parties who advocate for gun violence prevention and pledge to govern with gun safety in mind. 

Together, we can tackle this uniquely American epidemic from every angle. It is a public health issue. It is a community issue. And it is a policy issue.

This fall, we need a Democratic candidate who can connect with and make a case that is both commonsense and compelling for voters in every part of this district so we can get this job done.

Thanks for your support. We have so much to do.


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