These are challenging times. Rising prices are a punishing tax on our families, COVID is retreating but not yet gone, and so many of our basic rights — women’s reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ rights and even our democratic right to vote –- are under threat. The future we want for our children –- stable, good-paying jobs, the ability to afford a home and a college education — is moving out of reach.

Can we ‘build back better’? Our challenge is to define ‘better’ and advance equity. Joy believes we must build back fair and build back smart, so that everyone in Rhode Island has access to opportunity. 

As our representative in Congress, Joy will work to make a difference for Rhode Island families. 

Jobs and the Economy

Joy believes that we must create an economy that is fair, just and works for everyone. Her priorities include:

  • Fighting for permanent and comprehensive paid leave
  • Pushing for greater equity in our tax code by having millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share
  • Permanently expanding the child tax credit so all our working families get the help they deserve and affordable child care
  • Raising the federal minimum wage
  • Investing in workforce development initiatives and apprenticeship programs to help people land good paying jobs
  • Strengthening access to capital programs for small businesses, including minority and women-owned businesses
  • Strengthening Buy American policies to reinvigorate our manufacturing base and expand supply chain capacity
  • Investing in Blue Economy initiatives that protect our climate and grow good jobs

Health Care 

Joy will work to ensure Rhode Islanders have access to the affordable health care they need when they need it. Her priorities include:

  • Strengthening the Affordable Care Act
  • Expanding Medicare to include dental, hearing, and vision
  • Enhancing Medicaid to provide additional supports for family caregivers
  • Lowering the cost of prescription drugs
  • Defending women’s right to choose
  • Improving maternal health and supports, especially those included in the Black Maternal Health Momnibus Act of 2021
  • Rebuilding our public health system to be prepared for the next health emergency
  • Bolstering community capacity and increasing access to behavioral health care for children and adults
  • Upgrading our VA hospitals to be able to provide top quality care and streamlining the process for veterans to file for disability


Joy believes that providing fair, equitable, safe access to a quality education is the foundation of a strong and thriving democracy. Her priorities include:

  • Passing universal pre-k funded by the federal government, not local taxes
  • Increasing Pell Grants to help bring college within reach for more students
  • Supporting apprenticeship and workforce development programs as pathways to good, secure jobs for our students
  • Eliminating student loan debt and improving programs such as the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program


Joy will work to increase access to affordable housing for all our families. Her priorities include:

  • Expanding access to first time home buyers such as support for closing costs and down payment assistance
  • Increasing rental assistance, including the Housing Choice Voucher program and emergency help for families facing eviction
  • Funding the renovation of public housing
  • Increasing and improving the housing supply by bolstering programs such as the Housing Trust Fund

Energy and Environment

Joy knows that the quality of our environment is critical to the strength of our economy and the health of our communities and that confronting climate change is essential for our future. Her priorities include:

  • Protecting our state’s natural beauty and biodiversity
  • Investing in Blue Economy initiatives to bolster climate resiliency and grow good jobs
  • Ending reliance on fossil fuels and pursuing equitable solutions that provide access to clean water and clean air
  • Pushing for greater investments in clean energy innovation

Women’s Rights and Opportunity

Joy believes despite so many gains there is still much work to do and new threats to women’s rights and health that must be addressed.  Her priorities include:

  • Protecting every woman’s right to choose
  • Strengthening maternal health and passing the Black Maternal Health Momnibus Act of 2021
  • Demanding equal pay and passing the Paycheck Fairness Act
  • Continuing to strengthen the Violence Against Women Act
  • Investing in high quality affordable childcare

Voting Rights and Money in Politics

Joy believes our political system must be fair and transparent for everyone to participate equally. Her priorities include:

Gun Safety

Joy believes in common sense gun reforms. Her priorities include:

  • Requiring background checks for all gun sales
  • Reinstating the Assault Weapon Ban
  • Banning high-capacity magazines
  • Closing the Charleston Loophole to ensure individuals prohibited from purchasing a gun won’t be able to work around the system
  • Preventing individuals convicted of violent misdemeanor hate crimes from purchasing or possessing firearms (Disarm Hate Act)