By Arlene Violet

Rhode Island Republicans may not win a lot of issues, but one thing has stood out for the Party, i.e. it has always promoted women for higher office. Starting in the 1980s, multiple women ran for Congress (Claudine Schneider), Secretary of State (Susan Farmer, Barbara Leonard), for Lt. Governor (Susan Farmer again), Attorney General (moi), General Treasurer (Nancy Mayer) etc.

In the Legislature, women were in leadership positions beginning in the 1970s (Lila Sapinsley, first female minority leader in the Senate).

Eventually, Democrats fielded a woman or two, culminating ultimately in the election of Gina Raimondo as Governor and Nellie Gorbea as Secretary of State.

To its credit, the Democrat Party now is awash with talented women running for higher office.


Ms. Fox has excelled in her career in communications, both in government service and as a small business owner. The most important quality that a spokesperson can have is that she tells the truth.

Media in Rhode Island have always respected Joy when she worked for Congressman Jim Langevin  and then-Treasurer later Gov. Gina Raimondo because Joy was forthright. Perhaps it was her experience as a reporter for the Cranston Herald and the Providence Business News or as an assignment editor for NBC10.

I’d like to think it was mostly because of the Sisters of Mercy who taught her at Bayview Academy!

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